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S.S.C Englilsh Suggestion for 2011

English First Paper:Suggestion for BD SSC level Student

Reading Test: Comprehension.
1. In accordance ------- women’s right. U18, L-2(b)
2.In Mid 15th Century ----------- of Bangladesh. U14, L-2 (b). 
3. The National Memorial ---------- of their spirit.U-14, L1(b)
4. Strategy is an appropriate --------- for the reader.U15, L-7(b)
5. Feroza’s childhood was full ---------- and happiness.  U-10, L-7(b).
6. When I was at Medical college --- the world . U-11, L-5 (b).
7. Neil A Armstrong ----- mother ship. U-8, L3 (b).
8. Thousands of people ---- of treatment. U -22, L-6 ( c ) .
9. Very few people ------- in themselves. U-9, L-4(b)
10. Waste can have ----- environment. U22, L-5 (b).
11.It was the eve of World War II -------------programme. U7, L3(c) .
12. Statue of Liberty ---- United States. U-14, L-3(b)
13. I have never thought ----- the British. U-9, L-3(b).
14. Feroza was fighting for the ----- was given a registered number. U-10, L-7.
15. Lutfur is 8 years old ----- studies again. U- 11, L-1.
16.The first thing is that teaching --------in our society. U9L4
Writing Test: Table & and; Rearrange:
1. Aristotle,  2. Socrates,  3. 21st February, 4. Marco Polo, 5. Dr. Md. Shahidullah, 6. Paper, 7. Newspaper, 8. The Taj, 9. Mount Everest, 10. Robinson Crusoe,11.Mina,12. Kamal, 13. Newton, 14. Haji Mohsin,15. Hamlet 16. Stephen Hawking 17. Fleming, 18. The two beggars 19. Dr Yunus. 20. Androcles, 21. Charles Dickens. 22. Eiffel Tower, 23. William Somerset Maugham 24. Kublai Khan . 25 . Mount Everest. 26. Robbert Herrick. 27. 21st  February. 28. 16th December.29. education 30. Drug Addiction. 31. Unemployment 32. culture. 33. Hazrat Mohammad(sm) and Text story Reading.                                                                 Paragraph:(for both paper)1. A School Magazine . 2.  Your Visit to a Historical Place, 3. Junk Food, 4. A Wedding Party, 5.Mother Language Day,  6. A book Fair you visited   7. Arsenic problem in BD, 8. Your parents. 9. Load shedding 10.Traffic Jam. , 11. A Village Doctor. 12.Tea Stall. 13 . Tree Plantation  14. May Day. 15. Your School Library. 16. Street Accident. 17.The Neighbour you like most.18. Street Hawker, 19. Winter Morning, 20. Grandmother/ International Mother Lanuage day./The person you like most                                                             Letter Writing:
1. a letter narrating your village
2. a letter to your pen friend describing Bangladeshi Food and Culture.
3. Congratulating of brilliant success.
4. a letter about celebrating mother language day.
5. a letter consoling mother’s / father’s death.
6. A letter describing a picnic.
7. Describing the plan after SSC exam.
8. A letter to attend a birthday party or marriage day celebration.
9. A letter about how to improve your proficiency in English.
10. a letter to your father for permission  and money  to attend a picnic.
11. A letter describing annual prize giving Ceremony.
12. A letter thanking for birthday gift/ for hospitality.
13. Congratulating for brilliant result.

1.Future plan of /aim in life  
2. Your Childhood Memories
3. Population Problem in Bangladesh
4. Game You like most/ Cricket 
5. Your Hobby
6. An ideal student/ Duties of a student.
7. The Importance of Radio/ Television
8. Importance  of Tree plantation
9. Prize giving ceremony
10. Arsenic Problem.
11. A Journey by Bus or /Train
12. Prize Giving Day in your School.
13. Your Favourite Teacher 
14.A Postman  
15.Importance of Radio 
                                                Eng 2nd Paper:
Grammar Practice: Follow  grammar rules from any Grammar books .
Word required: 100-120.
1. A Book Fair I visited
2. Mobile Phone/ Radio
3. A School Magazine/ Library
4. Your experience of serious flood/ Sidr
5. Necessity of Learning English
6. A Good Teacher/ Favourite teacher
7. Most Popular game Cricket
8. A Road Accident
9. International Mother Language Day  
10. A Street Hawker / Beggar
11. Drug Addiction
12. Load shedding
13. A Winter Morning
14. Traffic Jam
15. A Moon-lit- Night

1. Future Plan/ Aim in Life
2. Population Problem / explosion in
3. The Unemployment Problem in BD
4. Importance of Physical Exercise
5. My Childhood Memories
6.  The Season I like most
7. The person I like most./ Nazrul
8. A Journey I Recently Enjoyed.
9. Newspaper
10. My Native Village/ Town
11. The most popular game / Cricket
12. Science in Everyday life
13. A Village Market /Fair
14. Unemployment in Bangladesh.
15. Duties of a student
 Formal Letters/ Application:     
1. Prayer to the Headmaster or Headmistress for setting up a literary/ computer/ debating club /a canteen at school campus/ common room facilities/ Character Certificate or Testimonial/ a hall room/ morning school/ permission  and money for study tour/ Re-admission.  
2. Prayer to the Chairman or Mayor of the City Corporation for construction of road/ bridge/sinking tube -wells/ opening a relief camp / birth registration.
3. Application for a job as a teacher/ tourist guide etc.
4. About publishing an article on the rise of prices of necessary goods.
Dialogue must be ten pairs for ten marks.
1. A dialogue between patient and a doctor.
2. Between two friends about Noble Prize.
3. Between two friends or parents on choice of career.
4. Between boy and father about the right and responsibilities of man in society.
5. About exam technique
6. between a customer and waiter in a hotel.
7. Between mother and daughter about our culture. And so on.Story Completing:Story should be written minimum within 200 words. Title is a must but moral is needless. 
1. The farmer and his sons
2. Rats and the cat
3. A poor girl and cruel mistress
4. Mr. Ahmed and his future
5. King Lear and His three daughters
6. Bayazid and his sick mother
7. A foolish crow and sly fox
8. A foolish Crocodile and the fox.
9. King Midas and the golden Touch
10. The frogs and the wicked boys.
11. King Soloman and Queen of Sheba
12. A wise Judgment of King Soloman
13. A brave boy and the running train
14. An educated unemployed man
15. The Honest Wood cutter and the axe handle
16. A Noble man and his grand house
17. The hare and the tortoise
18. The Monkey and two rats
19. Robert Bruce and his attempts
20. A dove and an ant
21. A liar cowboy and the wolf
22. The tiger and the heron
23. The fox and the grapes
24. A greedy farmer and the wonderful goose
25. The thirsty crow and a jar
26. The Sultan and the widow
27. A brave boy and the fire
28. The scholar and the boatman
29. A lottery ticket and a Rickshaw Pullar      
 Grammar items: 
1. Tense or Right form of verbs.  2. Prepositions  3. Articles  4. Linking words   5. The reported speech  6. Transformation of sentences. 7. Question Tag. 8. Completing Sentence. 9. Vocbulary
                                                              Writing  Sections:
Paragraph: a. A street Hawker, b. A weeding party. c. Necessity of Learning Computer.d. ecessity of learning English'  Composition :    Letter and  application,  Dialogue